About Us

  • Coined from the Hebrew word “Messiah”, meaning anointed/ sanctified, Mashiach Torah Legal (‘Meto Legal’) is set up to sanctify the practice of rules and regulations of the land. Meto Legal is a conglomerate of accredited professionals from varied fields who joined hands to advance, assist and support the understanding and compliance to the Law of the Land in its true letter and spirit. Meto Legal aims to provide one stop solution for Corporate Legal, Regulatory and Financial Compliance Management and Advisory.

  • We believe that law of the land is enforced and implemented by the governing authorities/regulatory bodies and these authorities have been instituted by the one Supreme Authority i.e. God himself. We practice in law in true spirit of divine law which support and substantiate that in all the circumstances truth triumphs and prevail over all the evils, injustice and wrong doings.